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May/June 2012 Newsletter


Christ Jesus through Virginia Essene

Dear ones of the Love Corps family and all beings of good will,
How joyful are these occasions when our souls, minds and hearts can meet and bond within the radiant consciousness of our Mother/Father’s shimmering gold and silver energies. Here in the realms of creation where we meet in both thought and feeling, it is easier to allow your sacred remembrances to blossom in the promised recollection of life eternal.

Although I meet with many of you light servers within the quietude of your own personal meditation times, and in those larger group meetings and meditations that we encourage, I also appreciate the regularity of these written messages. They keep us in touch, so to say, and the messages are related to one another somewhat like chapters in a book as chronicles of my sharing’s.

Indeed, our present meetings are precious to me because in them I can share current information that is more immediate than waiting for a book to be published. This leads me into some facts today about the physical values of meditation that you may not yet know. So with another spiritual energy embrace, beloveds, let me proceed to the topic at hand by furthering your knowledge about how meditation, and quiet times, actually gift you with light...or spiritual food.

Many of you are very aware that you want light and that you can obtain it through loving thoughts and actions to humans, to planet Earth, and to all her other inhabitants—as well as to what you call life in space! You realize that frequencies from higher realms can reach you best when your left brain is not busily engaged in affairs of everyday life...but is calm enough so that your intuitive, right brain can shift into that quieter realm of contact that spirit provides when invited.  For those many humans who did not desire to have the light, history paints an ugly picture of their civilizations—wars, murder and horrors beyond understanding.

Of course, many prior civilizations have desired the phenomenon of what you call light for healing the body and sharpening mental acuity...for both the attainment of health and also for the pursuit of spiritual truth! Indeed, the sun played a central role in major ancient cultures such as India, Egypt, Greece, Rome—and many others.

Ancient Greece had the sun god Apollo who represented both health and reason. And in the Vedic scriptures from Hindu religious literature, the sun god Surya, (meanng “the Supreme Light,”) heals, illuminates the intellect, and cultivates wisdom.

Indeed, since time began, sunlight has been regarded as a source of comfort, happiness, and security. It has encouraged great artists such as Rembrandt to portray enlightenment in his pictures, and innumerable philosophers to share their spiritual thoughts with humanity.

Fortunately, you are presently at the dawn of a scientific revolution in your deepening understanding of the phenomenon of light that influences both the pursuit of truth and the attainment of good health.

Particularly in the realm of mental health today, the conflict of light and darkness manifests itself unconsciously—foremost in both oral and written expressions. This is particularly true in the use of light as a metaphor for self-knowledge in relation to the Spiritual source. Yet, beloveds, as humanity is beginning to cleanse the past doors of limited perception, and moving into greater realms of light, this often brings an emerging epidemic of depression in materialistic societies. 
Regrettably, to ease their depression, people take an excessive recourse to pharmaceuticals that only address the symptoms of depression by numbing users and camouflaging the underlying cause! Or they avoid depression by use of excessive alcohol and what you term “recreational drugs”. The good news is that neurologists recently discovered a primordial photoreceptor in the brain that is particularly sensitive to the healing power of blue light, so I will give you a little background about blue light.

In 2007 some scientists found that by using MRI brain imagine techniques with short wavelength blue light while participants were engaged in a memory-related task, responsive areas of the brain could be identified. Those responsive areas were the brain stem and thalamus—the regions that regulate memory, alertness, and mental focus. It may well be that by providing blue light environments that are tailored to the thalamus; each of these human capacities could be greatly enhanced, proving what your great earthly being called Leonardo da Vince stated centuries ago. He insisted that meditating under a predominately blue light could enhance concentration ten-fold. (Regarding the blue light’s other influences, I will ask Virginia to share an experience one of her hospice clients had some years ago.)

As you now understand, the thalamus also relays sensory information to the cerebral cortex (the outermost layer of neural tissue in the brain) which coordinates consciousness. Indeed, expanding the potential of the thalamus could conceivably achieve the vision of your 19th century poet, William Blake, who wrote that “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it truly is—infinite.”

So your acts of meditation do strengthen the brain, whether you can personally observe it or not, and we of heavenly realms repeatedly advise and recommend this activity as a tool given to all humanity to help them retain their spiritual connection while living in a material world, far from home.

One of the valuable gifts from meditation is that it slows the aging process by establishing and maintaining greater connections between vital brain activity areas.  Indeed, what you call the uncinate fasciculus—or the “white matter” that connects the hippocampus and amygdala to the frontal cortex—controls higher level thinking, problem solving, and planning.
Unfortunately, especially some people in the Western/technologically-inclined nations, are losing these higher level abilities as their bodies and brains begin to fail earlier than is necessary. Just look at the statistics! Obesity at alarming rates, (especially among Americans), failure to exercise, and too much focus on trivial entertainments such as computers and TV. That is not to say computers and TV are bad. They bring communication potential that certainly has its place in present societies. Yet these devices often deter people from healthy activities and from needed spiritual connection which wisely guides you through everyday life choices... a great loss, indeed.
So while not all of those you call “brainy people” necessarily meditate, it is still highly recommended to help the brain retain its inner health, thereby helping it do what it was created to do. You might think of meditation as an “energy fix”—or food—for the brain.
Yet the greatest gift of meditation is that it establishes a connection to your soul’s guidance, and even to other higher consciousness beings who desire to offer you guidance—where appropriate. As a free will being, of course, you must choose to live your very own destiny! But why not accept our higher energy assistance when you wish to call upon it?
Then let us pause a moment so each of you can look at your own meditation schedule  and determine if you feel you are giving yourself sufficient time to access your soul’s guidance these challenging days.
As we often explain, cajole, and suggest, meditation is a matter of your choice! You are the master of your life by the choices you make, so let us ask what meditation schedule you are currently on? When do you stop and connect to your inner guidance?
It is vital to put meditation on your daily calendar! So please look at your meditation or quiet time schedule over the past week or two. How are you doing?  If you’ve been stressed by work or relationships, did you meditate or take quiet time to evaluate the situation and strengthen yourself?  Did you wisely use your God-given opportunity to consciously learn and grow amidst any unexpected circumstances?



What did you do to resolve this situation? What thoughts and actions were necessary? And did the results turn out the way you wanted?

If there wasn’t any particular situation to ponder, just smile and give gratitude that you absolutely do have help anytime in the future it’s needed! And always remember that your own personal groundedness, or balance, is both a profound gift for yourself, but also a gift to both local and world consciousness with their ever-increasing challenges.
As we have discussed so often—time is shifting very rapidly, and the need to be aware of your best choices every hour of every day has never been so critical. Just a look at the TV, or any news source, should remind you of the many challenges people face every moment. And not just individuals, of course, but nations themselves! In this world, full of change and chaos, balanced consciousness and behaviors are essential everywhere.
To review briefly what our message has been and will continue to be—MEDITATE!  Meditation offers the potential to receive light frequencies that heal the body and advance the mind’s capabilities.

In addition to quieting your mind, however, we are not suggesting that you ignore nature or ignore receiving the healing power of the sun; the sunlight actually furnishes several important health properties, particularly vitamin D. As you may know, vitamin D is a nutrient vital to protecting against bone thinning and certain internal cancers. Although some foods contain modest amounts of vitamin D, the sun is still the body’s main source.

Some studies have found that people living in sun-rich areas below the equatorial regions near Australia produced 3.4 times more vitamin D that people in Great Britain, and 4.8 times more than residents in sun-deprived Scandinavia. Moreover, mortality rates from breast, prostate, and colon cancer are also lowered by vitamin D.

One doctor proposes that just a few minutes of mid-day sun in the summer can produce 1,000 IU of vitamin D for every 10% of the body exposed, with 4,000IU as the recommended daily amounts. We must warn you that such recommendations are not accurate for every person’s body, and we prefer that you frequently get moderate exercise outside—(weather permitting)—not only for vitamin D, but also to boost your brain’s serotonin levels to adequate levels.

There is one recommendation about being out in the sun which is related to what you call “sun screen.” You have many bottles and containers of this product from a wide variety of sources to protect against premature skin aging—and even ward off the potential of skin cancer. While we obviously would never recommend that you spend countless hours under a scorching summer sun, we do urge you to get out into “the fresh air and sunshine” ... something caring mothers around the world have said for generations. And we do encourage out-of-doors exercise that brings nature’s richness to aid your body, mind, and emotional balance. 
Finally, we have indicated that humanity is at a focal point of a new revolution related to health and healing. It is essential that you begin deepening your understanding of what light is, and what it does in the human body. It is entirely possible that blue light cognitive therapy and the creation of meditative meta-environments will one day allow humanity to go further on their journey of self-knowledge, allowing them to transcend the fear-induced ego-prejudices and perceptions that hold them back from fuller spiritual expression.
When you understand your true nature as both a physical and spiritual essence, your doors of ignorance can open and a higher state of consciousness can evolve. Always remember we have been with you, and are with you for the duration of this awakening, however long it takes.

You are the family of light and we will never leave you comfortless unless you deprive yourself of our love and support through willful disregard of what your soul desires to
accomplish here.

Then pause to accept a massive outpouring of our love now, and remember that love has always been, and always will be, available to you— and lovingly shared upon request.

We say it often. You are the beloved of an eternal and caring parent! PLEASE call upon it, and us, so that one day soon we will all be together in the realms of glory you call heaven!

I remain one of your many helpers. So if you choose, call on me, but always remember there are the many other teachers, guides and angels who care for you, too!

Blessed be, dear hearts. Just feel our love!!!!!!!!





Dear friends and Love Corps family,

I pray that your life is going well and that the summer brings you nature’s joyful abundance and the love of many spiritual friends... those here on Earth—and beyond.

This has been a tough year for me, personally, so I am going to share some very private health information with you in case I’m slow doing future Love Corps Newsletters. OK?
I have recently had several accidental falls...and a severe respetory failure event that put me in the hospital for nearly a week. The breathing problem happened the day after I flew home to CA from the Denver area in early September. I lived in Denver as a child but now its mile high altitude doesn’t give enough oxygen for my lungs, so this was, sadly, my last visit there.

Anyhow, immediately upon return, my pulmonary doctor put me in the hospital to get my breathing stabilized, and while there I had a little heart flutter so they kept me almost a week in the Cardiac area—with the most thoughtful care I could ever imagine

Then in April I fell getting out of my car and hit the asphalt driveway with quite a crash. Fortunately, a new neighbor across the street from my mobile home—whom I hardly know—heard the loud scream I made and immediately came to take me to an urgent-care type of hospital.

After 4 hours of exams I was able to limp enough to come home—thank goodness. However, at age 83, a full recovery has been extremely slow and I must walk with either a cane at home—or with a walker for major excursions.  Since all my family is dead, I am ably living alone but with the help of health care workers, as needed...and supported and encouraged by local friends...and the kindness of some of you folks, too. Indeed, I am truly grateful for the blessings I enjoy—even while physically struggling sometimes.
I have shared all of this personal stuff about myself because I want to encourage each of you to do your best, too, even when things are hard. To this end, I am offering to make a few appointments available for any of our Love Corps family who would benefit by sharing their challenges with our elder brother, Jesus.
My CA home phone is 408 248-8244 after 10:00a.m....and before 5:00p.m. Any size donation is acceptable, and should be sent to Virginia at 1556 Halford Ave. #288, Santa Clara, CA 95051 after a telephone time agreement has been reached.

To ask for this helpful appointment, Jesus says it is preferable that you will have read either his first book—New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity— or our latest EBook called ”What Every Human Must Know”—so there can be a more in-depth sharing. (The New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity book came out years ago but may still be available from Amazon books.)

The E-Book form of What Every Human Must Know is available now to be downloaded/delivered straight onto your computer from www.Lightrivermedia.com.  Catherine Clemett is the owner of www.Lightrivermedia.com and promises she will also have the regularly printed book available in the next few weeks. She is in complete charge of all sales of the What Every Human Must Know book—in either a printed or E-Book form, SO PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME TO BUY ANY BOOKS!
Now, before I close, I see that Jesus wanted me to share a hospice experience I had about a decade ago related to a dying woman and a blue light bulb, so this is what happened.

A wonderful chiropractor, who was also a spiritual brother/good friend of mine, had a client who was dying and didn’t want to go and die in a regular hospital. So he asked if we had a spare hospice bed for her, which we did, and he brought her over right away.  

After they arrived with her suitcase and the nurse was making her comfortable, he told me he wanted to do 2 special things to ease her transition. First, he wanted to hang a picture of her favorite saint on the wall, across from the foot of her bed, so she could see it, and second he wanted to put in a blue light bulb in the lamp at her bedside, which was a very unusual request. I asked him about the blue light bulb and was told blue light is very comforting, which was news to me. Then he left after warning me that she needed close observance that night and asked me to call him—“If anything unusual happens.”
When the woman seemed relaxed and the nurse left to attend other patients, I asked if she wanted anyone to stay with her. She nodded, so I sat down by her bedside. She didn’t want to talk and I began to gently relax after a long day’s work, beginning to enjoy the faint, pleasant blue light. Later, the nurse wanted me elsewhere and I left for a while.

Very late that night our patient seemed to awaken and make a little noise so I approached to see what was needed. Then, without any warning, the saint’s picture on the wall across from the foot of her bed suddenly fell completely off the wall —clattered loudly on the floor, causing the woman to rise up slightly. We asked if she was alright but she never spoke again—and died shortly thereafter, very peacefully.
I was amazed by the strange event and reported what had happened to my chiropractic friend the next day. It was then he told me that, in his experience, patients rest more easily with a blue light around them...and if it’s their time to go, it makes dying an easier transformation. All I can say is that other doctors didn’t believe in “such nonsense” and we never again aided another hospice patient die with a blue light around them.
Now that Jesus has talked about the blue light bulb, however, I may buy one and see what it’s all about. Let me know if you decide to buy one, too.
It’s late now but I want to add a few lines that were recently sent to me about “touch”.

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock.
  If you want to touch the present, touch a flower.
  If you want to touch the future, touch a life.”

It is my joy that you Love Corps folks are continuing to touch the hearts and minds of humanity in a positive way—and I thank you for your efforts in our common goal.
I truly wish all of our readers a wonderful spiritual life filled with harmony and balance during these challenging times.

Abundant peace and joy to all of you from your spiritual sister,


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